About us

To be competitive in our field, you need to love content marketing.

“Liking what we do is essential for us, but it’s not enough! Writing good content for marketing means focusing on the business you’re targeting with your texts, understanding it and thinking of a strategy that will engage the consumer.

You don’t write to hit those 300/500/1000+ words, because texts that don’t convey anything are not what the customer needs. You’re looking to highlight the essence of a business and you’re looking to highlight the pluses it offers its customers. It is just as important to write in the language of the audience the business has.

For all this you need a few ingredients. I think the most important thing is to have a good command of the language in which you write, to have the ability to do quality research, to aim to make writing an art that you value first, so that others can value it later, and to treat every topic seriously, regardless of the client who entrusts it to you. Our team checks all these boxes, which is why our partners, mostly digital agencies, stay with us.

You might think it’s simple, only for the reality to contradict you!”

Maria Ene, CEO Concept Media Plus Agency